World Links on International Organizations Related to Disaster Preventions

This link site aims to browse as many as possible of the organizations related to disaster preventions in the world. In addition, it tries to provide the user with some basic information from each site.

-- United Nations(UN)
United Nations (UN) consists of 1)Trusteeship Council, 2) Security Council, 3) General Assembly, 4)Economic and Social Council, 5) International Court of Justice, and 6) Secretariat. The UN recovery efforts for Natural Disaster related councils are mainly found in 3)4)6). UNEP,UNDP,UNICEF, UNHCR, WFP,and UN-HABTAT belong to 3)General Assembly. ILO,FAO, UNESCO,WHO,and WB etc. belong to 4)Economic and Social Council. OCHA belongs to 6) Secretariat.
-- Bilateral Organizations
These sites explain about the disaster assistance given from developed countries to developing countries. They normally consist of bilateral grants and bilateral loans.
-- International Organizations
These sites are concerned with International Organizations' activities relating to natural disasters. They conduct wide ranging activities on a large scale among many countries.
-- Policy Makers and Development Banks
These organizations, mainly international development banks, offer many schemes and loans for developing countries.
-- Universities
These research organizations which are connected to universities are concerned with natural disasters.
-- International Organizations in Japan
These sites detail Japanese International Organizations' activities related to natural disasters.
-- Organizations in Asia
These are sites concerned with Asian Organizations' activities related to natural disasters.
-- Organizations in the U.S.
These sites give details of the activities of organizations in the U.S. that are related to natural disasters.
-- NGOs
These sites give information on Non-Governmental Organizations' activities related to natural disasters.
-- Individual Countries' Organizations
This page lists organizations from various countries, which are related to natural disasters.
-- Academic Societies, etc.
  These sites are Organizations related to natural disasters, especially Indian Ocean Earthquake-Tsunami Disaster by each countries.
-- Others